Penulis Abstrak
Andi Fiptar Abdi Alam The objective of this study is to know the implementation of Islamic counseling in solving the problems of isolated students as related with students’ moral.The study employs quantitative approach with one-group pretest-posttest designthat was conducted in Barru in the province of South Sulawesi in Indonesia. The participants of this study are 10 students selected by purposive sampling technique. The analysis of the data employs descriptive statistics. The results reveal that there is a significant effect of Islamic counselling implementation on solving isolated students problem as related with students’ moral. This means islamic counselling can solve the problems of isolated students in terms of moral. The results generated from this study can serve as the basis for Guidance and Counselling teachers to implement Islamic counselling in school to help the isolated students that specifically have moral problems. Keywords: islamic counselling, isolated students, moral.